Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Photo an Hour: Sunday 11/11/12

It is on my list of things to do before my next Birthday to take one photo an hour for a day.  I'll tell you now folks, it's harder than you think.

 10:00am - I get up.  It's Sunday so I lay in as long as I can, but I do enjoy Sundays so I don't want to lay in too long.  For the next hour I'll potter around in my dressing gown, eat breakfast and shower.

 11:00am - I start to get ready for the day ahead.  I do this peacefully as it is Remembrance Sunday and you're meant to be silent for two minutes at the turn of the hour.  The sun is shining through my bedroom window - it's a beautiful day.

 12:00pm - Me, Floyd and Betty have gone for a walk around the Botanical Gardens.  We spend quite a while in here taking photos (I'll share more soon).  Here is Betty when I have managed to get her to look at me rather than running around like a loon!

 1:00pm - We've come back home to start preparing dinner for our friends who will be over soon with their adorable baby Isaac.  We're having roast chicken and vegetables, lemon potatoes, Brussel sprouts, homemade stuffing and apple-crumble for dessert.

2:00pm - They're here!  Look at baby Isaac - he's so cute just chillin' with the cushions.  He really is the most contented baby I've ever met.

3:00pm - A sprinkling of flour, sugar and cinnamon before the crumble topping goes on and in the oven.

4:00pm onwards - Okay so this is where I lost focus.  I got way too distracted with baby Isaac, my friends and all the awesome food and drink that made up the rest of my Sunday that this was the only picture I took for the rest of the day.  Oops.

Needless to say, it was a pretty perfect Sunday.


  1. looks like a sweet sunday! I have the same Rob Ryan mugs...I think. Are they the his and hers ones? that confuse everyone until you put them together?! i do love a bit of rob ryan! :)

    1. Yeah they are, such a great idea and so romantic. I bought them for Floyd last Xmas (was going to wait until Valentines day but was too impatient!).

  2. What gorgeous photos! And Isaac is soooo cute!

    Jo :-) x


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