Saturday, 17 November 2012


Yesterday I learned to make a blog button... ta-da!!  I'm so pleased with myself I just had to show of my new skills - sorry for the wee boast.  I'm slowly making some changes around here, so I apologise if things look a little weird from time to time.  I'll try my best to keep things running smoothly whilst I'm tinkering away in the background.  In the meantime feel free to 'grab a button' below - I made two!


  1. How do I grab one of your buttons!? I want a button! :) x

  2. Hey Gem, you can grab one by copying the code below the picture and then posting it into a 'HTML' gadget within your blog design/layout. Let me know if you have any problems :)

    Lo x

  3. I want a button but I cant find the code?? :( x

    1. Hi Emmanuel, they should be below the pictures in the right hand column... if you scroll down hopefully you'll see them. Thank you :)


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