Monday, 26 November 2012

Life Lately

1. Hello.
2. Condensation.
3. Trying to work through my Birthday list.
4. Experimenting with my light-box and a scarf (makeshift bedside lamp).
5. My ceropegia woodii - great name right?


  1. I made a life list about a month ago....and although I'm all for list making, it was rather hard thinking of what I want to achieve. I have about 4 major goals (and they are pretty time consuming) other then those four, nothing really matters to me at the moment. I think I would go bonkers if I'd be able to fill 29 goals for a year....I can't even handle those four without feeling totally overwhelmed ;)

    PS. although learning to play ukulele is definitely worth standing on a list like that ...awesome goal :)

    1. A life list sounds pretty intense - but awesome. Yeah it can be a bit tricky thinking of things to add to next year's list, but I try to even it out with a few simple and easy to accomplish tasks as well as some more challenging ones. Good luck with your four major goals :)

  2. We have a condensation situation going on here too though on a note of distraction - learn the

    Nina x


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