Thursday, 8 November 2012

Falling Leaves

Remember that gorgeous yellow tree I showed you a few weeks ago... well look at it now!!  A short spell of extremely windy days has rid loads of the trees in my neighbourhood of their leaves, which makes me a little sad because it feels like Autumn is nearly over.  Watching Betty play in the piles of leaves on the floor makes up for it though (I don't have a picture of this unfortunately).

One thing I love about living in England is watching the changing seasons.  I find it interesting reading blogs from around the world documenting the changes in their area and how it differs from my part of the planet.  There is so much beauty in the everyday, and I love to see how other people document it.  If you know of any good links, please leave them in the comments for me.

Thanks, Lois x

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  1. This photo makes me miss living in Canada... 4 seasons galore! Not that we 'don't' have 4 seasons here in Prague.. it's just that in Canada everything seemed bigger & better. :)


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