Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sunday, 24 February 2013

DIY: crocheted beanie hat

I mentioned in this post that I was going to share the pattern for this easy crocheted hat, so here goes...

You will need
5mm crochet hook
Approx. 80g King Cole Moorland Aran
A tapestry needle to thread in the ends

You begin the hat with a series of chain stitches.  I found it useful to measure a row of chains from the centre of the top of your head (where the top of the hat would be) to where you want it to end.  For the first hat I did about 40 chain stitches, and for the second hat *pictured below* I did about 50 chain stitches.

Leaving a long tail, ch between 40-50 stitches (depending on your preference).

Row 1: Once you have your row of chain stitches, Hdc in the back loop of the second ch from the hook.

Row 2-46: Continue to Hdc across the row in the back loop only.  Once you reach the end, *ch 1, turn the work and continue with Hdc in the back loop until you reach the end of the next row - repeat from * 45 times.

To finish: Join the beginning and end rows by matching the last Hdc with the first ch st and linking with a series of slip stitches to form a tube, fasten off and weave in the end.  Then using the tapestry needle, thread the long tail through the top of the tube with a running stitch, gathering the fabric as you go.  Weave through the top of the hat a number of times to make sure it's fastened well and won't come loose.

This is the first crochet pattern I've shared, so please let me know if you spot any mistakes or recommend any improvements.  I hope you have fun making this hat.  Please leave a link below if you decide to give it a try!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Currently Reading

One for fun and two for learning.  It's slow progress, but I'm enjoying all three.  I absolutely love reading, but am finding it's something I have less and less time for nowadays - maybe I'm just not making enough time?

Do you have any good book recommendations?

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

DIY: Gold Guilded Geode Rings

With Mother's Day fast approaching, I've been searching the net for some DIY inspiration.  I think this DIY from swellmayde ticks the boxes.  Have you found any good DIY's recently?  If so, leave me a comment - I'd love to check them out.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunday Walking

Today was one of those gloriously sunny winter days.  The promise of Spring!  So we took little Betty out for a walk around our local park whilst both me and Floyd snapped a few photos for good measure.  I wore lots of layers, but really I didn't need to wear quite so many clothes - it was rather warm!  If you like the hat I'm wearing, I'll be sharing how I made it later this week so stay tuned for the crochet pattern.

I've been poorly this week and I think I may have passed it on to Floyd now as well, so we're having a chilled evening.  I'm burning some candles with essential oils, drinking plenty of tea and making sure the flat is clean and cosy - it's important to feel comfortable on the road to recovery.

Saturday, 16 February 2013


I have a small collection of old cameras and recently I've been playing with this Ensign Ful-Vue Model II to capture images through it's fun and charming waist level viewfinder.  I have had this camera a number of years now, and I am ashamed to say that until now it has done nothing but look pretty in various spots around my living space.  Capturing these images has inspired me to use this camera more often in this way... who knows, maybe I'll try out some actual film one day.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Patterned Paradise (in my wardrobe)

A quick glimpse into a section of my wardrobe and you'll see I have a tendency towards pattern.  It's true I love a good mismatch when it comes to layered outfits, but I'm afraid I'm lacking in basics and neutrals - rookie mistake.  In an attempt to make things easier for myself and with last years goal to 'find my style' coming to a conclusion, I keep trying to minimise my wardrobe by donating as many items as I feel capable of parting with... easier said than done!

The struggle goes on.  I will continue to streamline my wardrobe by asking myself these questions:

- what does this go with?
- when will I wear this?
- do I feel good wearing this?
- does it fit in with 'my style'?

I know there is so much more I could do with the choices I have, but I keep slipping back into my lazy ways of wearing what's clean/ironed/comfortable rather than planning my outfit and making the most of what I have.  Things need to change around here!

Rant over.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Valentine Tags

Valentines Day is approaching.  Will you be sending someone special a little love note?  I'm going to sweeten up someones day with my origami luggage tags.  What sweet surprises have you got planned?

Love is in the air...

Monday, 4 February 2013

Blakeney and Holt

 Hello again.  I'm back with more pictures from our trip down to Norfolk.  We stayed at the beautiful Blakeney, but took a trip over to Holt on the Saturday afternoon.  Most of the pictures above are from our day out there.  As you can see it had it's charms!

I'll be taking another trip shortly (well this Thursday) because it's mine and my mum's birthday this week, so we're heading over to Spain for a few days to celebrate.  I'm a bit spoiled at the moment with all these festivities!  I'm really looking forward to a bit of (fingers crossed) sunshine.

Do you have any trips planned soon?