Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Shop my wardrobe

I have too many clothes, it's true.  You will never hear me say that in front of my manfriend mind;  that would be giving him the ammunition to tell me off every time I come back from town with bags of shopping I shouldn't have.
You can often hear me winging "I have nothing to wear!" yet the fact remains, my wardrobe is crammed full of clothes that are old, tatty and mismatched.
Every now and then in an attempt to remedy this problem and rid myself of unecessary clutter I 'shop my wardrobe'.  Let me explain...

I rummage through the items of clothing on the rails and in my drawers and imagine whether I would buy them now if I saw them in the shops.  Many people do something similar, for example if they haven't worn something for a certain amount of time they give it away; but I find that I have items that I love, and although haven't worn for a while don't want to give it up just yet.  So I find 'shopping my wardrobe' a more effective way of deciding whether I still like something or not.

It's a great way to de-clutter and make room for newer, better items.  I'm quite bad for holding on to things for too long, or getting attached to worn-in and comfy items, so this is my way of trying to improve my wardrobe and ultimately my style.

I hope this has inspired you to do a bit of wardrobe spring-cleaning.  Remember, charity shops are always in need of fresh stock!

- Lois x

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tuesday's Tune: Django Django

Today's tune comes from one of my new faves - Django Django.  I'm eagerly awaiting the release of their debut album, which I think is any day now.  But for the time being I'll just have to listen to this awesome track on repeat.

How cool are they?  I love the stop-frame animated video and the paint effects they used.  Did you know they went to art school in Edinburgh?  Lovely bit of pop-trivia for you.

Anyways, enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.

- Lois x

Monday, 23 January 2012

My first photoshoot

A little while ago me and my lovely boyfriend took a walk to the nearby Botanical Gardens to take some pictures of me sporting some of my handmade crocheted wears.  This was quite an achievement for me as I feel really silly posing in front of the camera - especially in public!  It wasn't just for shits and giggles either; these are the pictures that will accompany my Etsy listing (just as soon as I get round to posting them).

So keep your eyes peeled folks - I shall be getting them listed in my shop anytime soon.

Sunday, 22 January 2012


LØV from Vanessa Bruno on Vimeo.

I just saw this over on Foxtail and Fern and had to share it myself. It's so beautiful.

Happy Birthday Nana

Today my Nana turns 73, but you wouldn't guess it from knowing her!  She is the most fun-loving 73 year old I know, and along with my Bampie (also pictured) they make the most lovely and hilarious couple in my life.

I love you Nana!

- Lois x

Saturday, 21 January 2012

My week off

 I'm back from my short break at Center Parcs, and boy did it fly by!  Holidays always go fast, but this one felt like a weekend not a week (well 5 days).  My swimming skills improved considerably, I finished three crochet projects, and started a new book (pictures above).  All in all a successful and relaxing few days.  Ahh...

How was your week?

- Lois x

Sunday, 15 January 2012


(image found on weheartit)

I'm off on holiday for a week so things will be a little quiet around here.  Take care and be good whilst I'm away :)

- Lois x

Friday, 13 January 2012

Happy Birthday Betty!

Today is her 2nd birthday (but her first with us).  Love you my stinky little gremlin!

- Lois x

Thursday, 12 January 2012


I've recently discovered a fantastic site/magazine where a collection of artists share their passion for small gatherings. 

"We've created Kinfolk as our collaborative way of advocating the natural approach to entertaining that we love."


Not only do they have a great aesthetic, their manifesto is something I can totally relate to. Getting together with friends and sharing good food, stories and spaces and making great memories is something I plan to do more of in 2012.  Kinfolk have definitely inspired me to make this happen. Check out their site here.


- Lois x

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Happy Birthday Bro!!

My little brother turned 21 today!  You know how old that makes me feel?

Love you Sam.

- Lois x

Saturday, 7 January 2012


I must say, I'm usually quite good at keeping to my new year's resolutions.  In the past I have read a book a month, given up "crap mags" (you know the kind full of celebrity gossip and tripe), volunteered for charity and stopped smoking.  Last year though, I only managed to complete one (and a bit) of my three resolutions - learning to knit, learning to drive and learning to swim.  Not the best effort.

This year is going to be all about self-improvement.  I plan to get myself fit, sort out some sort of regime and stick to it.  I also plan to learn new skills and knowledge - this is always kinda on the 'to do' list, but actually deciding on what I want to learn and setting a goal to do it definitely helps spur me on.  Motivation is a must here!

It's my birthday next month, which is when I will be setting my detailed list of goals to achieve by my next birthday.  So for January I'll just concentrate on getting myself in the right mindframe for the year ahead.

What have been your resolutions?

- Lois x

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Hello again...

... and happy new year!  I realise how long it's been since I last posted and for that I'm sorry.  What can I say?  I got completely swept up in the Christmas madness and only now that things are starting to settle again have I actually got the time/energy/will/whatever to get back to blogging.  But you don't want to hear about that.

Over the Christmas period I got busy crafting, wrapping, cooking and making.  Not a lot of cleaning or organising, so my flat was a bombsite!  Not a lot of photo-taking either (oops) so here are a few instagram snaps instead...

We decorated our (modest) tree with wooden ornaments, silver bells and red bows - and a gold glittery star on top of course.  We also made a snowflake display in the shape of a Christmas tree in our window, which is the only bit of decoration still up in our flat - I just don't want to take it down!  Floyd surprised me with Christmas sushi (best boyfriend ever!), and Betty got a new Xmas outfit - cute!

It was all a bit of a blur to be honest, so I'm glad to put my chill-pants on now and slow down a bit.  January will be all about goal setting, organising, de-cluttering and de-stressing - phew!

Be back soon with some resolutions.

- Lois x