Friday, 2 March 2012


This week I have been super focused on getting some new projects churned out.  You see, I'm trying to get my inventory extended (to put it properly) because I'm hoping to enter into a craft fair. I'm not sure yet which one, but the plan is there nevertheless.  And to enter into a fair, really you need to show the people running it what it is you make or do - right?

 There's nothing like a big goal to motivate you.  Because of my new plan I have been feeling extra-inspired.  A couple of ideas have escaped me (I forgot to write them down) but this week I've come up with more ideas than I have in ages!  It's also had a knock on effect into other areas in my life... yep, this week I've been really good at saying "no" to biscuits and treats at work, and I've started to seize every opportunity to be active.

I'll share more about my new lease of life soon, and hopefully inspire some of you lovely readers to do similar.  Until then... :)


  1. Those hearts are cute! Are you going to have a how-to post?

    1. I wasn't planning on it to be honest, but it's something I'll definitely consider. I do have a DIY project coming soon though... I hope you like it.

  2. Oh, how I love inspiration!

    Excited to see all your new projects...!


  3. Ooh what a great feeling! Love those hearts! :-)

  4. the paper hears are so pretty!

    x aliya


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