Wednesday, 29 February 2012

On my style

I'll start by saying this is not an outfit post!

I wouldn't say I'm a stylish person, or that I have a strong personal style.  I have things I like and don't like, and I can definitely point out specific people who's style I admire; so why can't I seem to pull it together?

Maybe I'm lazy (this is true), or maybe I'm just overwhelmed by choice.  This is why I'm trying to hone in on my personal style by blogging about it, and make changes to my wardrobe which will allow me to dress in a way I'm really proud of and comfortable in.
To do this I will need to get rid of a lot of what I already own in order to de-clutter and de-confuse (not a word, I know) my choices.  The only thing is, I'm not very good at saying goodbye to the pieces in my wardrobe that may be shabby but really comfy, and more often than not I end up wearing things because they're comfortable and not because they look good - lesson number one, stop this!

For now though I'll have to take one step at a time and keep making mistakes - that's how you learn right?

- Lois x


  1. Hey, fashion doesn't have to mean wearing the coolest or strangest thing. At least for me, it's just about wearing what you love! Sometimes you just have to go out of your comfort zone and try a few new things, and sometimes those become what you love!

  2. I'm just like you in having a hard time getting rid of things! I'll be interested in watching along as you do this (and hopefully motivated to do the same).


  3. My style is always "evolving" and I go through weeks where I don't try at all and some where I try too hard. I do think that above all it's important to be comfortable. You're on a great path!!

  4. It's funny how long one's own personal style can take to manifest in your own wardrobe - I think I have fabulous style but you wouldn't be able to tell by the majority of clothes I own! Haha! Because we're on a tight budget recently I've actually been trying to wear the clothes I have in brand new ways just to see what I can come up with - sometimes it really works!

    Can't wait to watch your style journey here!.... :)



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