Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sheffield Vintage & Craft Fair

Earlier this month I went along to a vintage and craft fair I'd seen advertised in Sheffield.  I'd seen this particular venue advertise V+C fairs a few times, but due to various circumstances I could never make it.  This time though I had a weekend free so made sure I got myself down there, and am I glad I did!

I found so many amazing things, I just had to get my phone out and take many many pictures... Yeah, I forgot my camera again!

There was a good mix of vintage and handmade - I did really well not to come away with a million things I didn't really need.  I got talking to some stall holders too, and picked up a few business cards.  I'll blog separately about some of the awesome stalls I saw there, otherwise this post could end up waaaay too long.

All in all I came away feeling really inspired and motivated to get going with my own potential stall.  Since then I've been busy extending my inventory, thinking up packaging and display ideas, and making making making!
Who knows, maybe next I'm I go there will be with stall of my own.

- Lois x


  1. I love those spoons!

  2. I'm impressed by your self-control - I often get in trouble in vintage shops/fairs! ;)

    I think the phone pics look great!



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