Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Addicted to yarn

I absolutely love yarn shopping.  I go in to buy one thing and always end up coming out with bags full of yarn for nothing in particular.  Because of this I have soooo much yarn lying around the flat and I'm running out of places to stash it!  Time for a marathon crochet session me thinks!

Do you have any weaknesses for craft products?  Do share.


  1. I collect paint first and foremost(acrylic, watercolor, crackle...). But colored/patterned paper and fun pens come in a close second. :)
    Catherine Denton

  2. I feel ya, I swear I have more yarn than I'll probably need in a year in my craft room right now. But there are just so many pretty ones!

  3. I am jealous of crafty people. I want to be addicted to yarn instead of chocolate!

  4. Oh my goodness, I'm totally with you on this. I have to avoid yarn shops sometimes because I know I'll come out with a bag bursting of yarn with no projects in mind too! The same goes for fabric shops and buttons from my button ladies at Spittafield Market. I had to ban myself from going up to Spittafields every Thursday lunch time because I was spending way too much on buttons! Ha ha! :-)


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