Monday, 19 March 2012

I've been tagged!

Ok, so I know I only recently did a little "getting to know you" post, but I can't help this one... I've been tagged!  Here are the rules:

1. Post these rules
2. Post 11 random things about yourself
3. Answer the questions provided by the one who tagged you
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag
5. Go to their blog and tell them they’ve been tagged!
11 Random Things About Me:
1. I had a mini 'goth phase' when I was about 10.  Me and my best friend had a major girl crush on Wednesday Addams.
2.  I studied Art for a short phase, and regret not pursuing something creative from time to time.  I think I'm catching up on all that now though!
3. I used to be really good at speaking French, but alas (!) I have forgotten almost all it.  I'm secretly hoping I'll go back there one day and it will all come rushing back to me.
4. I have size 3 feet (European) - yep, small!
5. I love food (don't we all), but the only thing I get fussy about is puddings - which most people find bizarre.
6. My true musical love is torn between indie and electro.
7. I once thought George Michael was my Dad.
8. I can sleep anywhere, and if someone left me to it I could sleep for days at a time.
9. I have a thing for Robots/Cyborgs - they fascinate me!
10. I used to live in a haunted house (ask my mum).
11. I can't drive.

What Bianca asked me:

1. If you were on Mastermind, what would your specialist subject be?
Hmm tough one.  I don't think there's any one thing I know tons about, but if I had to say it would probably be Audrey Hepburn - I love her and know quite a bit about her.

2. Name one thing you want to do before you die.
Go to the moon.

3. What is the best gig you've ever been to?
Daft Punk, for sure.

4. What's the weirdest thing someone's asked you?
I get approached by strange folk all the time.  My boyfriend thinks I attract them, and I'm too polite to get rid of them once they've honed in on me.  I wouldn't be able to narrow it down to the strangest thing I've ever been asked - boring answer, sorry.

5. What's your biggest regret?
I regret not going travelling as soon as I left University.  I feel I won't have another real opportunity until I'm much older.  It's something to look forward to though.

6. What is your favourite book from your childhood?
 I read so many Roal Dahl books as a kid, but I think it's got to be "The Twits" that brings back the most memories for me.

7. What's your biggest pet peeve?
Noisy eaters.

8. Name one thing you're terrible at.
Fixing my hair (or anyone else's for that matter).

9. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to work as a Zoologist or Archaeologist.  I loved animals and dinosaurs and saw myself trekking through the jungle making friends with all the creatures I met.

10. Do you have any phobias and if so, what are they?
I'm afraid of clowns and I really really really don't like spiders (standard) - although I respect them and would never kill one.

11. Name one guilty pleasure.
I have so many... erm, my electric blanket.

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My Questions:

1.What is your worst habit?
2. Would you rather be able to breathe underwater or fly?
3. Spots or stripes?
4. Do you have any reoccurring dreams?
5. What is your useless superpower?
6. What was your favourite cartoon or kids programme growing up?
7. If you could live in any era for a year, which would you choose?
8. Name the strangest thing you've ever eaten.
9. What's your party trick?
10. Do you have a nickname?  If so, which is your favourite?
11. If you could look like anyone other than yourself, who would you choose?


  1. How fun! I love these posts. That is so crazy that your house was haunted. I believe in ghosts, or at least like to think they exist. However, that would be horrible living with them. I also would be terrified to go to the moon. I need to stay grounded. The whole anti-gravity thing freaks me out. My friend is working for NASA this hopefully one day I will know someone who has been to outer space. Anywho, thank you for tagging me in this! I will have to work out a time to answer these fun questions :]

  2. Oh, I think I may like to take a trip to the moon as well!! I just don't know about the trip up there....

  3. Oh, I don't drive either! In Buenos Aires I never ever needed to drive since I got by with public transportation. Here in California, public transportation is very scarce so I'm trying to get my license.

    And I read lots of Roal Dahl when I took English classes :p.

    I'm curious, what indie bands do you like? I LOVE British music, especially Scottish. I wish I could see Camera Obscura live one day!

    Happy Friday! ;D

    1. I love too many bands to mention! But recently I've been listening to The Foals, Everything Everything, and Pete and the Pirates. I love it when I find a band that mixes indie and electro - such as Metronomy or Passion Pit (they remain on my MP3 player for a long time!).


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