Thursday, 8 March 2012

28 before 29

So here it is... just over 1 month since I made it.  My annual list of things to accomplish before my next birthday.  Read more about this thing I do here.

Just in case you can't read it up there:

1. Random acts of kindness.
2. Make cute clothes for Betty.
3. Cocktail party.
4.Take polaroids.
5. Learn ukelele.
6. Decorate.
7. Make a GIF.
8. Write (someone I love) a letter or e-mail a week.
9. Try 15 new recipes.
10. Apply to a craft fair.
11. Find my style.
12. Make weekly/monthly goals.
13. Get business cards.
14. Try making rubber stamps.
15. Visit a new park (there are loads in Sheffield).
16. Make myself something to wear.
17. Do a "photo an hour" one day.
18. Book binding.
19. Work on branding for Cellar Door.
20. Fill my home with photos.
21. Wear heels.
22. Do more entertaining.
23. Learn to knit with circular needles.
24. Use my tagine.
25. Make blogbuttons.
26. Design packaging for Cellar Door.
27. Dance lessons.
28. Bento.

I'm going to try extra-hard this year to cross each and every one of the list.  Wish me luck!  Do you do anything similar?  Leave me a link if you do - I love checking out other people's to-do lists (strange, I know).


  1. My friend is an awesome Ukelele player. We used to live together and she would play it out on our porch at night. It was so much fun. It's a really pretty sounding instrument. Also I did the photo an hour a day challenge once, and it's kind of funny to see your whole day laid out in photos, each hour. It is a good idea though. I like your list! Good luck!

  2. Good list! I have many of the same goal. Good luck!


  3. I love your list! Found myself going "ooh I want to do that too". I did a similar thing of 30 new things before turning 30. I basically set myself the challenge of doing 30 random things that I'd never done before in less than 30 days! I didn't have a list as such, just took each day as it came. It was challenging but loads of fun and gave me a gentle push to get out of certain routines. Here's a link to everything I got up to:

    Best of luck with your list! :-)

  4. Nice list... And great idea. Maybe I should make such a list as well -but my next birthday is within exactly a month, so it's probably a better idea to wait a little ;). xxx

  5. Great list. I did something similar at the start of the new year and blogged about it here:
    I've just been looking at it and I've only managed two so far...oops!
    Thanks for the comment. xx

  6. Good luck! I'd like to see the recipes you choose to cook. I live sort of close to you when I am in England (noticed you mentioned Sheffield) so I'd love to attend a craft fair you are selling at someday!

    1. Well when I enter (fingers crossed I'll be accepted) I'll keep you all posted on here. I'd love to meet you - thanks for stopping by the blog :)

  7. Book-binding can be so easy and so much fun! Give it a try, a simple notebook is a good start! And I have to do Bento Boxes again. Keeps me focused on eating better!

  8. This is a great idea, my birthday is coming up next month.
    I think I'll make a list of my own (:


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