Thursday, 22 March 2012

Heather Dewick

When I visited a vintage and craft fair back in February I was really excited by the amount of beautiful items that were on display.  One of my favourite stalls of the day was this one from book binder Heather Dewick.

As you can see, her designs are eye-catching and beautifully made.  I felt so inspired by her stall and can't wait to get started on giving book-binding a go myself!  If you would like to buy something of hers yourself, you can find her online shop here.


  1. i would have caved and bought more than one.

  2. What a nice selection of notebooks! I want them all, haha! ;)

    Thanks a lot for dropping by, Lois! ;)

    Hope you have a fun weelend! ;D


  3. I really like this - pretty! :-)


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