Thursday, 4 April 2013

Yarn stash

One of the goals on my birthday list this year was to use up most of my yarn, so I thought I'd give you a little peek at a few of the yarn stashes I have littered around my flat.  Yep, yarn fills many a bag, basket or even open space around this place that I dwell in much to Floyd's annoyance - and I don't blame him!  I'm a total hypocrite because I would go crazy if he left so much stuff lying around.  Although I kind of don't mind creative messes... that's my excuse anyway.

I'm enjoying thinking of ways to use it all up though.  It's also the best excuse to do nothing but chill with my crochet hooks and some good tunes (and maybe the odd episode of girls).  If you know of any good ways to use up my stash then please leave me a comment.

Thanks all :)


  1. Hi there, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! And I'm glad you did, because now I have found yours! I loved having a wee peek at your yarn stash there, and I agree crochet is so so addictive!
    M xxxx

  2. Woah,that is quite a stash! But then since you make things for your shop I guess you have the perfect excuse!


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