Monday, 31 March 2014

Save the Date

Because I was away for a little while on my blog break I feel like there's so much I haven't shared with you, including our Save the Date cards.  They're nothing flashy... in fact they're obviously home-made - and I love that!  I scoured the internet for ages looking for inspiration for something a little bit different.  I went back and forth between a few ideas, but in the end opted for something relatively simple.  I found the picture on Pinterest and just had to use it as it's just full of personality!

The most difficult part of the process was carving my own rubber stamp with the text you can see on the back of the postcards.  Oh my days it took ages!  But that wasn't the only painful thing about it - I knew that if I went wrong at any point I would have to start completely from scratch.  No thanks to that!!  I also didn't realise how small some of the text actually was... it wasn't the easiest craft task I've set myself; there may have been a few swear words, but I got there in the end (with only a few minor mistakes).

After painting a spotty border, printing the back (I wanted to print the text with white ink, but that ended up being far too much trouble than it was worth - and the results were not great!) and sticking the cheeky wedding pic to the front they were good to go.  Just sprinkle a bit of home-made confetti in the envelope, stick a stamp on and voilĂ .  A good effort by all I'd say (thanks Floyd).

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