Friday, 14 March 2014

30 before 31

About a month ago I turned 30 (yikes!).  I had a little freak-out at the time, but I'm feeling okay about it now... mostly.  As is my yearly tradition, I have made myself a new list of goals to accomplish before my next birthday.  See my past ones here, here and here.

As is also tradition, I'm sharing it here with you in the hope it'll give me some extra incentive.  I've not fully completed a list yet, but here goes...

1. Create a routine - in the hope of getting a few simple things done.
2. Find 'the dress' - no, I still haven't found my wedding dress.  Time is ticking...
3. Enjoy the gym - I joined in December and really need to work on my fitness.
4. De-clutter - kind of standard, but necessary nonetheless.
5. Keep in touch - I am the worst at this.
6. vintage shopping - I love this and want to do more.
7. Make cake - I got loads of cake maing stuff for Xmas and want to crack it out.
8. Go to the llama farm - a personal ambition of mine since discovering there is one near Sheffield.
9. Clean eating - less processed foods = healthier lifestyle.
10. Read before bed - to get me back into reading regularly.
11. Worry less - harder than it seems.
12. Practice ukelele - I taught myself as a previous birthday goal... now I need to practice.
13. Make paper/fabric flowers - possible wedding project.
14. Cut down on meat - for mine and the planet's benefit.
15. Home videos - my new camera has video (!)
16. Craft my wedding - saves money, adds personality and is fun!
17. Rotate my wardrobe - I always end up wearing the same things.  I plan to change this.
18. Betty portraits - well, she is gorgeous.
19. Eat local produce - another effort to help the planet (and local economy).
20. Purge my craft supplies - I have too much stuff!
21. Weaving - I bought a lap-loom ages ago and haven't used it yet.
22. Spa Sundays - taking the time each week to pamper myself.
23. Less personal shopping - in an effort to save money and cleanse my wardrobe.
24. Stop my bad habit - since I was a litte girl I have chewed the skin in my mouth.  I really, really want to stop.
25. Find a new home - our flat is lovely, but mouldy.
26. Get back into yoga - a past hobby I would like to revisit
27. Use less heat on my hair - I'm trying to grow it.
28. Refocus logii - something I have neglected recently :(
29. Experiment with tofu - there are so many possibilities
30. More craft fairs - one down, more to go.

So there you have it.  I'll try and update as often as I can with my progress.  Do you do anything similar?  I love making lists!

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  1. I really like your list, and I am a notorious list-maker. I wouldn't be surprised to read "make a list" on one of my lists. Sometimes it gets out of hand, though, and even though I wanted to become more organized, I groan about the length these lists have evolved into. Having only one for an entire year (welcome in the thirties!) is actually a nice idea to stay focused on the bigger picture.
    How did it go with your last lists, did you check off more than half, even all of it? What's your goal?
    Oh, and #5 - no, you're not. I am. Definitely.


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