Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Weekend snapshots

1. Taking my crochet projects to the park.
2. Betty soaking up the sun on our rag-rug.
3. Pretty blooms.
4. Current colours - fingers and toes.
5. My essential oil collection.

I actually did a lot more this weekend than these pictures make out.  We went to see The Great Gatsby at our local independent cinema, watched our friend dance in Matthew Bourne's production of Sleeping Beauty, ate the best burgers ever at a trendy restaurant in Manchester, got giddy on cocktails and met a puppy called Spider.  Yes this last bank holiday weekend was action packed - I had a lot of fun.  Sometimes I regret not documenting each special memory, but at the same time I was having too much fun living them.  It can be liberating sometimes leaving the camera behind.  Next time though, I promise to share.

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