Thursday, 23 May 2013


I've said this before, but I feel so lucky to live where I do.  Right on my doorstep is this!  Miles and miles of beautiful landscape to explore and behold.  Since moving here, me and Floyd have really gotten into taking long walks in the countryside.  Breathing in the fresh air, feeling the cool wind against our faces and really appreciating what Mother nature has given us.  As I keep saying - lucky.

It was Floyd's birthday a couple of weeks ago, so to celebrate he gathered a few of our good friends and suggested a long walk in the Peaks followed by some real ale and some grub; and that's exactly what we did (grub and ale not pictured).  We started our journey in one of Sheffield's gems - 'The Tap'.  A place I want to go back and take a million more pictures of because it has so much character.

It was a great way to celebrate his special day and I'm sure all would agree it was a big success (rain and wind included).  I can't wait until next time.


  1. Sounds lovely! My and my fellow are just getting into walking but haven't been on any major treks yet - these are some encouraging snaps! Do you actually get the train into the wilderness? - we are non-drivers so need to figure all that jazz out!

  2. Hi Rachel, yes we got the train out to Hathersidge - easy peasy. You should definitely give it a go - it's free and fun! get yourself a good walking book and set off. Thanks for stopping by x


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