Tuesday, 5 March 2013

29 Before 30

So every year for the last few years I've made myself a list of things to accomplish before my next birthday (see here and here).  It's nearly a month since my birthday, so I thought I best get round to posting this year's list - oops.

1. Improve my social networking - something I really need to work on.
2. Use up most of my yarn - I have way too much and need to stop buying!
3. Stay hydrated - I don't drink enough water and want to change this.
4. Paint my nails - again, I have so much nail varnish, and hardly use it.
5. Learn to do the splits - I want to improve my flexibility.
6. Make an 8mm - gonna try and have fun with my i-phone app.
7. See live music - because it's awesome.
8. Go for long walks - one of the advantages of living near the Peak District are the amazing walks on your doorstep.
9. Book a wedding venue - top priority!
10. Modular origami - I want to step it up a gear.
11. Experiment with bleach - in a crafty sense.
12. Get a dentist - this needs to happen.
13. Send snail mail - I always love receiving it, and sending it can be so much fun too.
14. Make fabric labels for logii - to give my crocheted creations more of an identity.
15. Finish a paint by numbers - I have a few of these that are sadly unfinished.
16. Save save save!! - this will be another big priority this year.
17. Take better care of my skin - I want to get into a routine.
18. Use my camera apps - a goal I set for myself before Xmas that I want to continue.
19. Make a souffle - always wanted to have a go at one of these.
20. Swim - it just so good for you.
21. Support local/independent businesses - I'm a big believer in small business.
22. Enjoy the simple things - getting back to basics.
23. Make some art - I want to explore my creative side (hmmm).
24. Wear lipstick - like the nail varnish thing, I have loads but never wear it.
25. Flower pressing - something new to try.
26. Build a terranium - because they're pretty.
27. Aromatherapy - something I'm starting to get into, thanks to my Auntie.
28. Bake more - why not?
29. Meditate - the small amounts I've tried have really benefited me.  Time to try it properly.

So another year, another list.  I'll try my best to keep you updated here on my progress.  These lists have really made a difference to my life.  I'm sure there are so many things I wouldn't have bothered trying if they weren't there written down and taped to my cupboard.  I recommend giving it a go!
If you've a list of your own, please share it in the comments - I'd love to see what your annual goals are.

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  1. This list sounds like a recipe for a very nice life indeed. I like the serious tone of number 10, but attached to a whimsical pursuit. Much more fun than 'stepping it up a gear' in business/fitness and the like!


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