Monday, 14 May 2012

Day to day

This is where I spend most of my crafting hours.  Mostly because it's comfortable, but also because I still feel close to my little family (me, my mister and Betty) rather than being tucked away in a room somewhere.  When we first moved into this flat I wanted to make myself a little space specifically for crafting, which I did, but it hasn't quite worked out - way too cold in there! 

This week we moved the dining room table into the living room.  The kitchen is pretty small, and our living room is pretty big - so yeah, you get the picture.  We plan on decorating this weekend, so it's going to look fresh around here soon.  Can't wait.


  1. oh my, i love your sofa. and that owl pillow!! the sofa is also the place where i do most of my crafty work, i too have a craft space but i don't like sitting there all the time... i feel so far away from everyone!

    i love your little doggie too, she's super cute. (excuse me if she's a he!) i wish we could keep pets in our apartment. :) i would have a dog in no time!!

  2. Your life looks dreamy and lovely and wonderful! That couch, those pillows and that pug would make for ideal crafting conditions. ;)

  3. Oooh this looks like a lovely crafting space. Your dog is so cute and I love that owl cushion! :-) x

  4. I always end up on the couch or on the living room floor no matter what! LOVE that Betty of yours!


  5. Beautiful pictures, I love you jeans nearly as much as your pug.
    That sofa looks so comfy.
    Good luck on your button, if it's nearly as gorgeous as your header it will be stunning.

  6. Your dog is absolutely adorable! And this is a cute picture of you too :) ...and yes, I am totally creeping on your old posts right now haha, but I love your blog!


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