Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tuesday's Tune: Passion Pit

Hello everyone.  As this is my new blog, I'm having a fresh start.  I would however like to bring across some of the features from my old blog - one of which is Tuesday's Tune.  It was a relatively new feature before I decided to pack up and move along to "Head in the Clouds", but I really enjoyed picking out a song each week to share with you all.

I think music can tell you a lot about a person, their tastes and their personality; so I think this is a great way of showing you a little bit more about me and what makes me tick.  Anyway enough blabbing, here you are...

I recently re-discovered this band after rinsing their first album when it first came out.  Sometimes it's best to give a band a little break if you've overdosed on them; that way you can find joy their music over and over again.

I love Passion Pit!

- Lois x

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