Monday, 20 October 2014

Quiet weekends

These last few weekends have been comparitavely relaxed, for us anyway.  We've spent our precious days off sleeping in, cleaning the house, watching films, trying new recipes and seeing friends.  I've loved it!  Being at home and catching up on everyday chores may sound boring, but I've needed it after the whirlwind of a summer I've had.

I love putting my energy into this space I call home.  As the nights draw in and the weather turns cooler, home becomes a more comforting place.  When there's a gale blowing outside I love to be snuggled under a blanket, or when it's throwing it down with rain I love to be soaking in a hot bath.  These are the comforts of the cold seasons, which here in Sheffield we are edging further in to.
Saying this, I am fully aware how short lived this will be as Christmas loomes ever closer.  These quiet weekends have been a complete luxury, and one that I have cherished.

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