Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Wearing #3

These pictures were actually taken a few weeks ago on a lovely Autumnal walk around the Botanical gardens.  This was probably the last time I wore shoes with no socks!  It's freeeezing here in Sheffield today.

As you can see I was a little braver this time and managed to step outside the comfort of my warm flat to have my picture taken in public.  I felt a little silly as people walked by, but I've got to admit it's quite a nice backdrop.  Betty made a great prop too!


  1. A very nice backdrop....Love these photographs!!! Way to be brave....

  2. I love your pics and your blog! Cute pug!! Xo :-)

  3. Love your outfit! Do you have ombre hair? The colour looks really cool! x

  4. I love those shoes and your simple but stylish sweater! Thanks for saying my kitty is cute, but look at that cuttie pattotie pup!! Pugs are the best!!

  5. You look fantastic!! I love, love your outfit!!



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