Sunday, 12 August 2012

Giving: confetti gift wrap DIY

I love giving presents!  I find real excitement in picking that special something for someone I care about, and I love thinking up new ways of presenting them too.  This particular one is really simple...

All you need are these things:
1. Brown parcel paper
2. Sellotape
3. Hole-punch
4. Double sided tape
5. Paper cutter (or scissors)
6. Black craft paper (or any other colour/s you wish)

 Okay, so first you need to wrap your present...

Then make loads of coloured confetti with your hole-punch.

Use the double-sided tape to make any pattern you want on the paper.  I use the roller stuff because I think it's so much easier.

Now empty your hole-punch confetti and start sticking it to the pattern you've made on the present... And there you go!

There are so many possibilities with this DIY - you can do your friends' initials, chevron pattern, different colours or multi-coloured confetti.

Have fun making confetti gift-wrapped presents :)

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  1. Such a cute idea! Bookmarking it for the holidays--


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