Thursday, 21 June 2012

Industry of One // Erin

Industry of One is one of my favourite sites to browse.  It documents through interviews and pictures the life and style of different individuals.  They're always very interesting, and always unique and stylish.  Above is Erin - one of my faves.  I'd recommend having a look on the site (unless you've got lots to do, because be warned - you'll be on there for hours!).

I'm being pretty good at procrastinating today... have found a new game on my  phone which has got me addicted - oops.  Feeling quite shattered after work today though, so sometimes you just need to take a break from productiveness don't you?  Yeah, I do.

Looking forward to the weekend!


  1. wow this is great! thansk for sharing :)

  2. i stumbled on this site very recently and i just love the concept. i have to sit down and take a deeper look. if you know or find more sites like this one, please share :)

    thank you so much for the lovely comment. i appreciate it and i'm glad that you like it.

    best wishes!


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