Thursday, 8 December 2011

Style Crush: Binki Shapiro

In the quest to find my style I have made a board on Pinterest to help me hone in on exactly what I like.  In doing this I've found that most of the outfits I've pinned so far are casual... you know jeans, jumpers, t- shirt, boots or flats.  There's nothing wrong with this - it's a big part of my taste, obviously.

This lady manages to "do casual" perfectly.  If I can emulate the way she puts things together half as well I'm, well, half way there!  Her music's not bad either.

- Lois x


  1. I really like her! I'm now following your boards as well as your blog.

    Just to remind you, update your URL on your bloglovin' account girlie! I went to follow and it directed me to your old blog. But don't worry, I manually typed in your new URL and followed anyway :)

    1. Oops! Thanks for the heads up - I'll get my Bloglovin' sorted now :)


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