Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Lincoln Xmas Market

Last weekend I ventured over to lovely Lincoln, where my Mum lives and I grew up.  Every year they have the most amazing Christmas market, which I used to get really annoyed by when I lived there, but now get really excited about.  They have loads of fantastic stalls offering hand-crafted and artisan goods, not to mention the hot-chocolate and baileys and hog-roasts (yum)!

As usual I forgot to take my 'real' camera with me, so I had to make do with my snapshot camera (hence the slight out-of-focus on some of them).

I had a great time, ate lots of food and drank lots of hot-chocolate-baileys and wine.  Winner.  I'm now officially in the Christmas spirit.

- Lois x

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  1. The Christmas market looks so wonderful and full of sweet, crafty things and yummy foods! I am so glad you got to experience something so nice, I love holiday themed events!
    Good luck!



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