Sunday, 11 August 2013

My city: Sheffield

I've said it before, but I feel so lucky sometimes to live where I do.  Sheffield is the city of steel and greenery.  So many contrasts... the industrial and the rural.  It really is the best of both worlds.  Depending on my mood I can walk the city concrete taking in the noise and the colours, or walk through the parks with Betty by my side breathing the fresh air and feeling the grass below my feet.

Yep, even Mr. Attenborough is a fan of the steel city!  This is just one of many impressive street art spots in Sheffield.  I'm forever stumbling across new treasures, but this one is definitely a favourite.

Where concrete and nature coexist...

And when I need some peace I head over to the Botanical Gardens... a stones throw away from our flat.  With Betty in tow of course!

The hours I've spent here... listening to the birds, taking pictures of all the different flowers and trees, laying on the grass with a book or a new crochet project.  It's also Betty's favourite walking spot.  Because it's so nearby I get to walk around here each morning and I never take for granted how lucky I am to have this beautiful space at my fingertips.

There is so much charm about this city.  It has a rich history and a promising future.  Whether you're looking for live music, vintage shopping, locally sourced food or a walk in the hills, Sheffield has it all.  There is just so much to share about Sheffield.  I feel this is just the beginning.

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  1. Aw, as a fellow and very happy resident of Sheffield, this post made me very happy! I had a picnic in the Botanical Gardens just yesterday. Lovely photos. x


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