Wednesday, 18 April 2012

My First Moleskine

 I love anything that helps me be more productive, and often I let good ideas pass me by purely because I forgot to write them down at the time.  Therefore I thought it necessary to carry with me something that would prevent that happening in the future.
Now it's not like I've never carried a notebook around with me before - I've carried notepads and scraps of paper that fill up my handbag, and second handbag, and purse... you get the idea.  But that's not the most organised way of cementing my ideas, as it can be a brand new challenge just trying to find that scrap of paper with that amazing idea I know I had the other day!
I have often used my diary as a place to scribble thoughts and ideas, but I'm sure you can imagine how messy that can get when your jotting down appointments and to-do lists as well!  I needed a place exclusively for my creative ideas - thus let me introduce my lovely new Moleskine.

I chose a Moleskine because of it's simple, beautiful design and it's history.  I only jot down my ideas in here (rather than filling it up with other distractions), so I know when I open it up I'm bound to find some organised inspiration - love it!

I now include my Moleskine as an essential handbag item along with my diary, phone and other usual suspects - please note this post is not sponsored by Moleskine!  Do you have anything you can't get by without?


  1. What a lovely classic colour! I bought a new notebook which looked very pretty on the shelf, but then had the trouble of deciding what to write in it, so it ended up being a mish-mash of everything. If I could use them properly I'd love to invest in a Moleskine!

  2. Moleskines are my absolute favorite! I wish I could have a whole drawer full.



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